4 Most Popular VGA Cables and Their Features


Video graphics array or what you might know as VGA cables are the most reliable cables that are used to pair a computer and a monitor or a computer and a projector. Whilst the VGA cables are mostly compatible with all the monitors, it is still necessary to buy vga cable from primecables.ca or other companies that have a history of selling genuine products. This is important in order to avoid falling at the hands of hoax companies that sell duplicate products and con customers.

4 Different Kinds of VGA Cables That You Must Know About

VGA cables have a specialty of being one of the most reliable cables that serve as a connection between almost all PC’s and projectors. The best of all include the following.

  • VGA Quality Super VGA HD15 M/M Cable – These VGA cables are of 6 feet and 10 feet. Since these cables have a secured double coating, the signal loss while transferring a video from a computer to other monitors or projectors is minimal. As a result, you get to experience analog videos in high resolution. Besides, they have a long life since they are flexible and do not break upon accidental twisting. Lastly, most good companies offer a warranty on VGA cables.
  • Super VGA HD15M/M CL2 Rated Cable – This VGA cable flaunts a triply shielded coating and delivers stereo quality audio. The best benefit of using this VGA cable for your HDTV is that it minimizes the noises including RF and EM. In other words, the video and audio and close to being pure because the signal is devoid of interference. It is 15 feet long, has high-quality gold connectors, and is popularly also known by the names RGBHV, HD15, PC in/out, RGB, and DB15.
  • Ultra Slim SVGA Super VGA M/M Monitor Cable – This cable has a ferrite core that shields the signal from signal-adulterating noises like RFI and EMI. Also, its male DE-15 gold connectors do not corrode. Besides, this super slim cable works best for analog and extended VGA resolutions and is available in as many as 8 different lengths for customers comfort. Lastly, with 30/32 AWG, this cable is a mix of coaxial wire and standard wires.
  • SVGA Super VGA M/F Monitor Cable – This is a highly valuable and extremely affordable VGA cable with one male and one female gold plated connectors that are corrosion proof. The core of these connectors are made of ferrite that filters noise from signals, ensuring high resolution audio and video. Lastly, it is made available in 3 different lengths.