Broken Link Finder: Decoding the Simplest Link Checker Yet!


Broken links, images and other content can impact the user experience and cause considerable damage to your website’s brand value. While there are several link checkers available for use, most of these are either paid or clumsy for regular use. Broken Link Finder – a new option in the list- promises to simplify everything for website owners, developers and marketing experts. If you are serious about SEO, Broken Link Finder might be a really good asset for your website. Here’s a take on this simple yet highly effective link checker.

The advantages of using Broken Link Finder

First and foremost, Broken Link Finder is absolutely free, and it will remain a free one, no matter how many times you want to use the tool. Unlike some of the link checkers that only report one parent URL or the page where the link issue was first found, Broken Link Finder checks for the same links on multiple pages. Also, it shows the point where the resource is actually located in the source code of the page, so fixing those broken links is even easier. Not to forget, the tool doesn’t require you to download any software, and it is possible to check as many as 2,500 links for each crawl. The results can be further exported to Excel, so you can always evaluate the link building process and the mistakes and errors related to the crawl.

No more complicated link checking

To use Broken Link Finder, you just need to visit the website – It’s as simple as that, and if you need to enable sitemap creation or want to exclude a few keywords or path names, the same can be checked and decided from the ‘Advanced settings’ menu. Broken Link Finder is not only super easy to use, but also an effective tool by all means.

Final verdict

We are totally in awe of this new tool. While Broken Link Finder doesn’t promise anything different that some of the other link checkers, it certainly delivers on what has been assured. It is free and will remain a free tool in future. The interface of Broken Link Finder is absolutely simple and we loved how it crawled as many as 2500 links per crawl. If you want your website to function as intended, checking for broken links is not a choice. For more information, check the official website of Broken Link Finder now.