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A Chemistry Tutor Required Or Not?


The title of this article is probably the question every student and a parent might have at least once asked to himself. With the increasing competition in the world, tuitions have become almost a necessity for many people. However, there are still students who are better off without any external help and can do well even on the basis of their self-study.

In some cases, it is seen that children join the chemistry tutor just because their friends are joining. The entire scenario of the tuitions is quite confusing, but it is indeed a never-ending debate.

Need for an effective chemistry tutor

It is wrong if it is said that students do not require chemistry tutor to get good grades. It is often seen that even the brightest of the students get a little distracted in class and after that moment, nothing gets into the head. Be it a country like Singapore on a country like India, students everywhere is the same.

A subject like Chemistry needs the perfect attention of the students for almost an hour hence Chemistry tuition has become a must. Children these days cannot even afford to lose a single word because after that whatever the teacher speaks is just meaningless.

Many students are a little slow in learning. They need time and repetitive study to get well versed in any concept. It often happens that teachers in school do not cover all the topics regarding that concept. This will imply that the student will not get the complete knowledge regarding that concept that is very important in today’s world.

No doubt, there are students who are good enough to get good marks by what they read themselves, but the thing to be remembered is that every child is unique. There can be absolutely no academic competition between someone having a great academic mind and someone having talent in cricket. If they both work hard eventually, they both will get success in their lives.