H1b visas are harder to get


Nowadays, Trump is taking a big step in the new policy, and the prospects for studying abroad are extremely uncertain. The H1B visa has been greatly reduced, the immigration check has become stricter, and the application for studying abroad has been fiercely competitive. In the face of these difficult obstacles and a confused future, how do Chinese students who are at the forefront of the turmoil respond? The situation in the United States in this year can be said to be unpredictable. Since Trump came to power, the prospects for studying in the United States have become more unstable. The students preparing to study in the United States are also anxious and confused.

It is getting harder to stay in the US, and the prospects of international students are still unclear. Since the beginning of 2017, many Chinese students have been repatriated for various reasons at the time of entry. The number of Chinese students is growing stronger. It is an indisputable fact that the number of applicants from famous American universities is increasing year by year. The number of applicants has increased, the acceptance rate has decreased, and the competition for US elite schools has become more intense.

According to the survey, the primary idea of most international students when they choose a school is to select dream schools and majors according to the country. This seemingly sound application process has become the norm for international students. However, in the face of the increasingly serious situation of studying in the United States, this application model is no longer secure, but rather the beginning of the crisis. The international students who have been keeping their eyes on the US application put all the eggs in this basket, knowing that the basket may no longer be safe, but still complaining and holding the luck to continue the initial practice. Therefore, in the application, we need to be flexible and change the way of thinking. We should start with professional choices: list our own target professions, find the dominant institutions of the profession in multiple countries, and prepare for several countries’ applications in advance.

After graduation, it is getting harder and harder to work in the US. The reason is that in addition to the competitive pressure, work visas such as the h1b visa (also known as h1b签证) that most people will apply for are more and more difficult to apply. Even h1b renewal (also known as h1b续签) will encounter a lot of trouble, the preparation of h1b visa materials (also known as h1b签证材料) is very cumbersome.The h1b visa process (also known as h1b签证流程) is continuously extended, and the h1b rfe and h1b rejection (also known as h1b被拒) rate are increasing year by year. The impact on h1b is evident.