Magazine Advertisement Of Food Distributor Business Vs Using Online Directory


Advertising business, products and services in a magazine is one of the traditional methods of business promotion as well as product and service promotion. At the same time, registering a business in the online directory is a new thought but an old concept. Let’s check which is better when it comes to the promotion of any type of business.

  • Magazine advertisement

These days, one can get a dedicated magazine for any subject or field. There are magazines published for cooking, traveling, construction, confectionery products Singapore, beauty products, etc. These publications are used to have circulation in both for general people as well as amid people related to the field. Because of being the focused the magazine, organizations use this publication to promote their products and services. For e.g. a health magazine mostly contains the advertisement of health related products and services. When it comes to the food industry, then there are dedicated magazines available for this field as well. Organizations in the related business use these mediums to promote their products.

  • Online directory

The online directory is a place where business personnel register their business details. Just like magazines, online directories too comes remains dedicated and in general. Organizations who want to promote their business use dedicated directory mostly to advertise their business.

The benefit of both magazine and directory registration is the organizations are able to promote their services and products in their target group.

The best directory for frozen food supplier

In Singapore, Agri-Biz directory is the dedicated online directory for related business. The online directory is the product of Marshall Cavendish and thus it contains all genuine information. Also, the directory has good circulation in the targeted group and many business houses have got benefit from it.