Quality Score Misconceptions


quality score

There are different AdWords Quality Score that we discussed and why it is necessary to have Quality Score. We would like to discuss about Quality Score misconception as our next subject.

Changing Match Types Alters Quality Score

Quality Score is measured by Google without considering keyword match. This means that if you have a broad, phrase, and exact keyword in your account, they will all have similar Quality Score. Google checks similarity with a query before determining a keyword’s QS. So this means that when you change a keyword’s match type, keyword-level QS will not be directly altered.

When Ads or Keywords are paused, Quality Score Suffers

Your QS will not be affected by pausing ads or keywords since it is based on how well your keywords and ads perform. There will be no QS to accrue if they aren’t active, aren’t entering auction or being shown.

Display And Search Quality Affect Each Other

Remember that these Scores are separate and don’t affect each other. There are different criteria used to determine these Quality Scores. Search and display networks are also different so it is not easy for Google to have them affect each other.

Higher Positions Benefit Your Quality Score

This may appear astrue, however, QS is actually adjusted to compensate for ad position differences. Google normally adjusts their formula to neutralizeself-reinforcing nature of higher positions since they know that higher positions generate a higher CTR naturally than lower positions.

Restructuring Or Deleting Low QS elements Erases Their History

This is false. According to Google, historical performance of an account element will still affect your account history whether you pause, delete or restructure it. Google recommends that you delete poor performing ads and keywords even though adjusting these items won’t delete an account’s history. They advise so to prevent further effects on your account history in future. The adverse effects of nonperforming elements will decrease as more performance data is accumulated over time, however, they will never go away for good. So its best to consult your SEO agency on how to improve your quality score of your ads as well as your landing page.