TNS Showcases their Technology Partners Working with them Through the Years


TNS Technology equipment

TNS is happy to feature their technology partners who has been with them through thick and thin.

TNS values not only their customers but also each and every one of their technology partners. The company acknowledges that without them it would be impossible to provide their clients with timely and reliable serial converters, Modbus tcp and the likes. This is the reason why TNS took some time in showcasing their technology partners over their website.

The first on their list as technology partners include Moxa Singapore. It should be noted that Moxa is known as a leading manufacturer and pioneer for industrial serial connectivity solutions.Moxa products are sold worldwide through a network of certified distributors and Since 2003, TNS Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is Moxa’s sole authorised distributor for Singapore providing them tools that they need such as serial to ethernet and serial to usb.

TNS also works hand in hand with Axiomteka pioneer in the manufacture of industrial computing and embedded computing systems.TNS Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is Axiomtek ‘s Authorised Distributor for Singapore. TNS offers local customisation and assembly of computer systems. This makes it possible for the company to provide embedded computers in Singapore to their customers. TNS solution focus with Moxa includes: Industrial Networking, Device Connectivity, Industrial Wireless, Embedded Computing, Remote Automation and as well as IP Surveillance. TNS solution focus with Axiomtek includes: Industrial Computer, Touch Panel Solutions, and Embedded Computing Systems.

There is also SENA which is an innovative manufacturer of industrial bluetooth connectivity products. TNS is Sena Industrial’s Authorised Distributor for Singapore. TNS solution focus with Sena Industrial includes: Industrial Bluetooth.

Last but definitely not the least is OT Systems Ltd. which is known a specialist surveillance transmission product manufacturer.TNS solution focus with OT Systems Industrial includes: Fiber Optic Video Transmission, Ethernet Over Coaxial Extenders, Ethernet to Single-Core Fiber Media Converters and IP CCTV self-configured Ethernet Switches.

The technology partners that TNS is showcasing over their website just shows how influential and connected the company has become. TNS loves working hand in hand with their partners in order to give their clients the best products possible. These items are also provided to each and every one of their customers in a timely and effective manner. TNS is continually growing and we can expect to see more technology partners they will be adding in the future as they expand their reach and services.

About TNS:

Based in Singapore, TNS Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is a B2B distributor of industrial networking and computing equipment for mission critical applications. Areas of speciality are industrial Ethernet, wireless, serial communications, fieldbus, industrial computing, remote I/O and video surveillance technologies. TNS has strong technical expertise to support customers in the design of legacy and modern systems. The company is committed to strengthen their operational excellence to provide outstanding service and after-sales support.