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When You Wish To Start Company Operations?

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There are certain cities like Singapore that have become international business hubs due to their strategic location, widespread infrastructure and a growing market base. For the different strategic advantages that the city affords as well as transparent laws for trade and commerce, it is possible for foreign companies and non residents to start different kinds of business ventures here.

Start company in Singapore

If you wish to start a company in Singapore, it is an international hub that offers several benefits to commercial businesses. There are progressive taxation structures here that prevent companies from being burdened by double taxation matters; there are guarantees on investments as well as free trade agreements that favor both local and foreign companies. The intellectual property laws that exist here make it possible for online businesses and entrepreneurs to work on innovative projects and businesses with due protection obtained from the legal system in the country.

When you wish to start company operations here, you need to register your business. This is made easy by online filing processes that are made available by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, ACRA in short. There are separate registration links that exist for companies that wish to set up representative offices here. Different categories of companies can register themselves through different links. With such easy access to registration details for starting a company, many business owners are encouraged to check out the business opportunities that exist here. It is also possible to seek consultancy services of relevant authorities such as company secretary firms who would have the right expertise and legal responsibility to file paperwork for registering a company. With most firms having an online presence, it is easy to connect with a service through their online portals to set up an initial appointment or to seek consultation.